Newsletter Spotlight: A Brush with Life

Newsletter Spotlight: A Brush with Life

Terrill Welch writes A Brush with Life and we thought her quote in one of her newsletters was quite insightful:

“You can’t fall in love with a painting you haven’t met or an artist’s story that you haven’t heard yet.”

It also helps to explain her newsletter, which comes out every two weeks. Terrill is a painter and through her newsletters you are inspired by beautiful images in nature (both photography and her landscape artwork), learn about her journey as both a human and an artist, and are invited to share in what she is reading.

If you don’t give two hoots about any of the above, then this newsletter probably isn’t for you. But, if any of those (Art! Landscapes! Natural beauty! Painting! Photography! Life!)  do pull at your heartstrings, especially when woven all together, then you may find A Brush with Life quite fulfilling.

Subscribe here...and be awed by natural beauty and the journey to capture it.

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