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Every week I send out a list 10 things I think are worth sharing — new art, writing, and interesting links straight to your inbox.
Electronic mail dispatches from Dan Ozzi, America's Only Music Writer™ REPLY ALT is the only email newsletter devoted to rock, punk, and music industry shit-talk guaranteed to make anyone who reads it more sexually desirable...
For those very avant-garde humans who like to stay updated on new art and exhibitions.
Dispatches from the bottom of a well. Discussions by writers about books that influenced them.
A weekly email telling you what is worth watching (and what isn't) in the next week on TV and Netflix (etc). It's all in under 400 words. Why subscribe? In an age where we don't watch much linear and all the streaming platforms are..
Finding your next favorite podcast can be overwhelming. Every Friday we share our favorite episode.
Every weekday, we send out two hours music that’s perfect for working. We are self-financed and will never take outside investment or advertising dollars. Discover great music. In each edition we highlight work from 1-2 artists and give you context
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