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The true Crime that's worth your time. As you course know, the true crime genre has exploded since The Blotter first launched in 2011. Kids, ask your parents -- back then, to scratch our itch we often had to resort to pulp paperbacks and...
Main stream media and even social media are working harder than ever to get between YOU and the real news. Don’t let them lie to you, don’t let them silence you and NEVER EVER let them steal your sense of humor. Get your outrage on and chortle..
Every day we read hundreds of articles and select the very finest, so you'll always have something to read on the train and interesting things to share with your friends....
Everyone loves to blame every bad thing that happens these days on the internet. And to be honest, most it is true. But the internet is still good and this newsletter is a weekly reminder that, actually, being online is still pretty fun!
We monitor SEC filings 24/7 for Director & C-suite changes and email a summary on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Paid subscribers receive all the changes ($10 monthly or $100 yearly). Free subscriber receive a partial report. Daily pre-op…
Get loads funny, heartfelt, easygoing anime content, in addition to some more critical thoughts. Subscribe to never miss an update! With $5 a month you will also get access to the full content range, including weekly lists like “Anime Ba…
Tressie is no longer publishing this newsletter -- but she has a different one called "essaying", here:
Every Monday, Dari Mulut ke Mulut takes a look at the week that was in Southeast Asia and prepares readers for what’s ahead. It takes a look at the big stories set to emerge each week as well as provides regional context and identifies deve…
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