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I am Breno Costa, I am 35 years old, and since I have been a student, I feel sadistic pleasure in checking out information published in scary little letters in the Official Gazette. Later, as a journalist, spending more than six years as a…
For fans of the podcast The Land of Desire! Entertaining tidbits from all around the Internet related to French history and culture
who do you know here?????? party reviews by two adult women who don't know anyone at all.
Insta-story like snippets all in one place for easy reference. 2. Special journal offers, like limited edition colors. 3. A monthly coupon code for a different product!
Everyone loves to blame every bad thing that happens these days on the internet. And to be honest, most it is true. But the internet is still good and this newsletter is a weekly reminder that, actually, being online is still pretty fun!
Mark Suster is a former entrepreneur, now VC so he really has been on “both sides the table”. His blog is an amazing source content, mostly about venture capital and entrepreneurship, so as his newsletter.
Hendrik Laubscher, who heads up the research company Blue Cape Ventures, writes a weekly newsletter that includes a rundown all the Ecommerce news and innovations he’s found interesting. It’s an excellent source news from an industry…
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