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On a given night, you’ll find me teaching a beginning meditation class at the Zen temple where I live, fighting Kendo, serving tea, doing ceramics or with my face illuminated by a computer screen...
mymilligram features reviews of low-dose and high-quality cannabis products made in California. It also includes cannabis event features, announcements, and education. Note: Subscribing confirms that you are 21 or older.
Hi! My name is Case Kenny (@case.kenny) and I created the PRSUIT email to feed your soul. THIS IS A MINDFULNESS EMAIL. You could also call it a self development newsletter, a self help email or something entirely different.
Keith Sherwood is a master the four classical yogas. He is the author nine books on energy work, healing, and transcendent relationship. The exercises, mudras, and meditations that he has developed are used throughout Europe and North…
Get smarter on the intersection healthcare, politics, and humanity. A newsletter about healthcare policy.
Meaghan Ward writes an eclectic array of articles on sex, parenting, disability, mental health, writing, and humor.
Postings about the intersection UV radiation, climate, and health, by atmospheric physicist Dr. Richard McKenzie.
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