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Unfiltered, the world is noisy and a bit overwhelming. Delivered daily to your inbox, Born Free offers stories and ideas designed to encourage thought. This writer trusts her readers to think for themselves. “The mind is everything. What you...
if you're a curious intelligent person, you should definitely join the 25,000+ other people on my newsletter, the "Monday Medley." It’s one email a week with everything interesting I’ve read or found, plus new articles and book notes.
Gerd Leonhard shares stuff you should know to better discover your future.
The Long Game is a newsletter for people that want to grow and challenge themselves. It is about the drive to better ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually while having the curiosity to enjoy the journey. I will include articles, podcast,
The Reading is a public engagement of creative writing consisting of weekly advice, and, in the future, critical essays and teaching resources. I’ve decided to start an advice column because I believe literature not only saves lives but helps us
Bucketlist provides a way to catalog and store life goals, to share them with others, to inspire and be inspired.
The Heretic came to life as an experiment. I wanted to have a way to share thoughts and ideas which felt less polished than a blog post and more meaningful than a tweet. So I set up a newsletter. Originally I planned on sending an email ev…
Our team scours the web and devours hundreds books a year to bring you the very best human thinking. No fluff. No noise. Just the most useful insights you can use today to sharpen your mind, make smarter decisions and live with more purpose....
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