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James Altucher shares his ideas about inspiration, motivation, spirituality & entrepreneurship.
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Receive weekly exercises inspired and used by companies like Facebook, Google, and WeWork to interview UX design candidates.
Discover creative applications artificial intelligence in art, music, design and more.
Versioning is SitePoint's daily newsletter filled to the brim (well, close to the brim) with interesting, fun, useful links relevant to developers, designers, entrepreneurs and web people. is the premier source of European technology news, data and market intelligence, providing unprecedented insights into the tech startup, investment, M&A and IPO activity across Europe (including Israel, Russia and Turkey). Founded…
This is an oldie but a goodie, a plain text email digest disseminating news and information about web design and development with an emphasis on user experience, accessibility, and web standards. Around since 2002 (with a name change), it’s…
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