5/8/20: Recommended Issues of the Week

5/8/20: Recommended Issues of the Week

Worth reading this week

This is narrowSCALE's roundup of some ot the best newsletter issues each week. Take a skim through...

  • Can Kids Transmit the Virus?  (from Parent Data by Emily Oster on May 4, 2020)... It offers a well-researched and thoroughly understandable explanation around whether kids can pass the coronavirus to other other people and the implications on society, family, schools, and camps. If you have kids, or know people with kids, or simply care about being informed, it’s fully worth the read.

  • The Power of Exhibitions (from Age of Invention by Anton Howes on May 1, 2020). Most people have heard of the Crystal Palace, originally built in London for the Great Exhibition of 1851, but don’t know diddly about the exhibition itself and why it was so important. Anton’s issue delves into that history and the role that exhibitions played in societal advancements, free trade, and more. Super interesting.

  • Box office No-Go (from Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet, by Ernie Smith on May 1, 2020). A fascinating deep dive into the history of movie theaters, their complicated relationship with production studios, and how reversing an old supreme court law once meant to help the industry thrive might help them to survive.

Hope you enjoy the reads! 

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