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(PS: For more on narrowSCALE or what we mean by “email newsletter”, learn here; for the original email annnouncing the transition, read here.)

Discover newsletters you'll love reading...

Discover newsletters you'll love reading...

Discover newsletters you'll love...

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The Mental Health Update, by Jordan Brown

The Mental Health Update is a weekly email newsletter that makes mental health meaningful and accessible. It's timeless mental health wisdom and inspiration to start your day in a thoughtful, uplifting way.

COVID Explained

COVID-19 is confusing. We are here with facts about the virus. How does it spread? How is it treated? Who does it affect most? Unbiased information to help you make good decisions. We are a team of researchers and students at Brown, MIT, Harvard,

Age of Invention, by Anton Howes

Welcome to Age of Invention by me, Dr Anton Howes. I’m a historian of innovation. I write mostly about the causes of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, focusing on the lives of the individual innovators who made it happen. I’m interested in every...

ParentData, by Emily Oster

It’s a (roughly bi-weekly) newsletter about pregnancy and parenting data - new data, fast facts, reading recommendations, etc, by the author of Expecting Better and Cribsheet... who is also a Mom and Economics Professor.

Why is this interesting?, by Noah Brier and Colin Nagy

A daily email about interesting things from Noah Brier & Colin Nagy.

Heated, by Emily Atkin

"A newsletter for people who are pissed off by the climate crisis..."

Roll Call, by Austin Channing Brown

I don't have many promises to give. I plan to be helter-skelter. I plan to be rebellious. I plan to break the rules. Sometimes you will find my musings on the world, on politics, on Christianity, on social justice. Sometimes you will find a fiction

Idea Journal Weekly 3

We combine 3 ideas to help you think differently and be more creative.

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