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I’ll be covering the play by play of the current pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers should respond to it as well as assessing how they actually are responding. My focus here will be monetary analysis, which is not the same thing
Welcome to Love in the Time of Coronavirus by me, Michael Nagrant. In this newsletter I will focus on writing about cooking, food, and restaurants in the era of social distancing.
Curated POVs on the pandemic and its consequences. Hopefully obsolete sooner rather than later.
NJ - NY - PA - CT Sourced, local news and data about the coronavirus disease that will kill all, some or none of us. (Probably) Get all this wonderfully uplifting news straight in your inbox.
Welcome to Daily COVID-19 Updates, a daily collection of COVID-19 news, articles, summaries, numbers, etc.
Practical, not-panicky advice for a pandemic. Welcome to Not a Doctor, the only newsletter about health and science that quotes The Good Place. I’m Melody Schreiber, a journalist and the editor of What We Didn’t Expect. I’m not a doctor, or
What makes a meal noteworthy? Reviews, city guides, hot tips, and food world intel from a New York-based, often traveling restaurant obsessive. (Caveat: lots of COVID-19 content right now.) Some Meals Considered is meant to inform and inspire
The best published science/evidence, writing, and reporting about COVID-19 that my family, friends, and colleagues might appreciate
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