Discourse.blog is an independent blog/newsletter about politics and culture from a left-wing perspective started in March 2020. We have been described by readers as “good” and “a joy to receive in my inbox each day.” That could be you, too.

Why are we doing this?
Essentially, a group of ex-Splinter staffers began losing our minds during the pandemic and eventually fell prey to the need 2 blog. After a few weeks on WordPress, we decided to switch to Substack because it was much easier to use and we would like to receive some money eventually.

Who are we?
Paul Blest
Aleksander Chan
Jack Crosbie
Samantha Grasso
Katherine Krueger
Jack Mirkinson
Rafi Schwartz
Caitlin Schneider

Again, though…why?
Because the industry we work in blows and it’s not going to get any better anytime soon, so we all wanted to try something new that puts all of our energy into doing good work we actually like and not one ounce of energy into thinking about how to keep oblivious C-suite executives happy.

What’s with the bird?
A bird yelling at the sky perfectly encapsulates what we’re trying to do here.

What is happening?
We sincerely don’t know, but we’re trying to figure that out.

Additional information

Frequency of publication Two to three times per month
Type of pubilcation Independent
Published since 2020