Idle Musings, by Eidolon Journal

Idle Musings, by Eidolon Journal

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Idle Musings, by Eidolon Journal
Idle Musings, by Eidolon Journal
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What you’ll get
—Curated links, with commentary and pull-quotes
—A weekly round-up of classics content
—Original humorous posts
—Content calls for Eidolon
—Posts about the writing process that can make you feel like you could become a better...

writer but probably won’t; the very best writing advice
—Sarcasm and satire

About us:
Donna Zuckerberg: Overuser of sarcastic parentheses (can there be too many, though?)
Sarah Scullin: Humorist, Mother, Wife, Classicist, in that order
Yung In Chae: Another way of saying youth hostel
Tori Lee: Grad student, crossword puzzle enthusiast, sporadic skincare devotee

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On Twitter: @eidolon_journal, @donnazuck, @ScullinSarah, @yunginchae
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It’s free, for now. Part of it will always be free. When we switch to a partial-paid list, you will have the option to opt in.

How often will you publish?
1-5 times/week. Fate is a fickle ninny.

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Why are you doing this
Fame, money, and other motivations of sound moral grounding. God, probably. Also, all the cool kids are doing it, and by “cool kids” we mean “alumni of The Toast”

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