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What makes a meal noteworthy? Reviews, city guides, hot tips, and food world intel from a New York-based, often traveling restaurant obsessive. (Caveat: lots of COVID-19 content right now.) Some Meals Considered is meant to inform and inspire
mymilligram features reviews of low-dose and high-quality cannabis products made in California. It also includes cannabis event features, announcements, and education. Note: Subscribing confirms that you are 21 or older.
Howdy Peeps! I am Sahiba, a crazy fashion addict ! Welcome to my personal blog that involves a merry ride about trending comfortably and be voguish. You would find tricks and catches about on-going fashion and how to deck out with the stuff…
Jamie Swanson is someone you should learn photography business and marketing from. Her newsletter is extremely detailed, and she offers so much free content that can help anyone improve their business.
I am learning about fermenting things and will talk about it. Fermenting things is easy and you should totally do it. It is intimidating before you do it but is actually easier than almost any other cooking projects. I will show you.
Master the Meta is focused on the business of video games, a massive and perpetually underestimated industry.
Updates on my work as a freelance photographer, new projects, publications, articles, resources and so on. Two emails per month maximum, no spam, no ads.
The Shotkit Newsletter is just me writing you an email about awesome photography related stuff - you can reply at any time just to say hi, or to ask me a question. It's also tailored to your photography level (PROFESSIONAL) designed to help you.
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