Aspirational weekly musings on consumer culture. This newsletter is penned by Li Jin, an angel investor and startup advisor who most recently spent 4 years as consumer investing partner at a16z. It features observations about the world through the

lens of startups and consumer tech.

I cover topics including:

- The Passion Economy: How people can make a living from their passions and creative skills
- Consumer trends & analysis: How macro trends are impacting consumers’ lives and work

What people say about my writing:

“Passion Economy pioneer” “The authoritative voice in the space”

“Essential reading for anyone building a community in the next 10 years”

“Not only beautifully written and analytically deft, but elegant, innovative, profound”

“The best thinker out there on the future of being a creator on the internet.”

“Li doesn’t just say the ‘what,’ but really sheds light and can express the ‘why.’ Her insights in consumer tech are unparalleled.”

Additional information

Frequency of publication Two to three times per month
Writer(s) Li Jin
Published since 2020