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a girl who grew up next to penn station spends the winter in rural wisconsin. with dogs!
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A Weekly Newsletter of Interesting Things for Interesting People If you like thinking about and sharing new ideas, you're in the right place. More Every Week is a free weekly newsletter that takes 5 minutes to read but provides a week's worth of
Various ideas come to mind in the shower. I treat shower conventionally - it is a newsletter in which I write down observations, divided into 3 categories: surprises, ideas and inspirations.
an ongoing reading list + a recommendation // an observation // and a playlist.
I'm Pietro Minto, I write in the newspapers and send emails. One these emails is called "Link Very Beautiful" and is a weekly newsletter that I send every Saturday morning when I wake up. Link Very Belli contains "links" that I think ar…
Exploring the question that answers all the other questions (in theory). Writing on life, meaning, work, & identity.
Every Friday, Tim Ferriss sends out a digest with the 5 coolest things he found or pondered upon in the previous week.
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