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I'm Pietro Minto, I write in the newspapers and send emails. One these emails is called "Link Very Beautiful" and is a weekly newsletter that I send every Saturday morning when I wake up. Link Very Belli contains "links" that I think ar…
A Weekly Newsletter of Interesting Things for Interesting People If you like thinking about and sharing new ideas, you're in the right place. More Every Week is a free weekly newsletter that takes 5 minutes to read but provides a week's worth of
Sometimes frivolous nonsense, other times just pure garbage - but at least I won't sell you detox tea.
an ongoing reading list + a recommendation // an observation // and a playlist.
Full access to the best Vlad Jr content, crafted in the loving GROF way. Co-host of the Birds All Day podcast, available exclusively through The Athletic. Click here to subscribe and listen!
A list of the most edited Wikipedia articles and discussions from the last week. Delivered every Friday by email. If you want to stay up to date with the most active articles and discussions, please sign up for future issues.
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