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Sometimes frivolous nonsense, other times just pure garbage - but at least I won't sell you detox tea.
I'm Pietro Minto, I write in the newspapers and send emails. One these emails is called "Link Very Beautiful" and is a weekly newsletter that I send every Saturday morning when I wake up. Link Very Belli contains "links" that I think ar…
The newsletter will contain some the best reddit content from every nook and cranny on the site. It is hand-chosen by co-founder Alexis Ohanian and his team. It will be sent on a weekly basis, arriving at an inbox near you every Sunday.
A newsletter by Emily Gould. Writing about writing, teaching and having a toddler, trying not to be too whiny.
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“It’s in my head. I’m sharing it with you. Read, Eat, Covet, Meet. Just one each; randomness guaranteed.
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