The Jungle Gym, by Nick deWilde

The Jungle Gym, by Nick deWilde

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The Jungle Gym, by Nick deWilde
The Jungle Gym, by Nick deWilde
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The Jungle Gym, by Nick deWilde


The Jungle Gym is a monthly newsletter full of ideas & resources to help you think clearer & work smarter. That means I spend a lot of time writing and curating resources about topics like:
-Career Growth

-The Search for Meaning

In between, I also sprinkle in plenty of practical advice to help you perform better at your job.

I started this newsletter as a way to keep in touch and share ideas with the important people in my life. That's why you'll notice my essays tend to be quite candid about personal experiences. Recently, the subscriber base of this newsletter has grown quite a bit, which has been exciting.

You've got a somewhat important choice coming up. You're going to need to decide whether or not to subscribe.

Like many people, I'm sure your inbox is a busy place, so you shouldn't take this decision lightly.

Of course, as the writer of this newsletter, I'm more than a bit biased. I get a lot out of helping my readers think clearer and work smarter. If that sounds like something you could benefit from, please subscribe...

Since there are a lot of newsletters out there, I thought I'd share some of the lovely things that long-time readers have had to say about the Jungle Gym:

“The Jungle Gym frames complex topics in a way that is clear, digestible, and engaging. When I read each newsletter, I learn something new about the world and often learn something new about myself.”
– Ashley Prince Murphy (Strategic Planning & Ops Lead - Social Impact @ Facebook)

“I absolutely love The Jungle Gym. It's as if Nick climbs into my brain and deposits terrifically curated and gently provocative ideas that percolate long after I'm done reading.”
– Jake Saper (Partner at Emergence Capital)

“Whenever a new issue of the Jungle Gym pops up in my inbox, I make time to read the whole thing. I know that I’m going to learn something useful and that the writing will be super high quality.”
– Justin Mares (Founder & CEO of Kettle & Fire, Publisher of The Next Brand)

Additional information

Frequency of publication Monthly
Type of pubilcation Independent
Writer(s) nick dewilde
Published since 2019