The Modern Tog, by Jamie Swanson

The Modern Tog, by Jamie Swanson

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The Modern Tog, by Jamie Swanson
The Modern Tog, by Jamie Swanson
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The Modern Tog, by Jamie Swanson


Jamie Swanson is someone you should learn photography business and marketing from. Her newsletter is extremely detailed, and she offers so much free content that can help anyone improve their business.

My goal is to post a new article here once or twice a week that will be helpful in running your business. I’m sure there will be a few weeks during the busy wedding season where I won’t post as often since my clients still come first, but I’ll do my best not to leave you hanging too long.

The content will be geared towards the modern photographer – one who finds most of their customers online or through word of mouth and embraces the internet. We want this to be a community of people who are willing to help each other out and share tips and resources, since we all know that there’s plenty of business out there for all of us.

You’ll learn:

Everything you need to know to legally start a photography business, step-by-step
How to know if your photography is good enough
How to deal with fear of failure and a lack of confidence
A list of recommended tools and resources to use in your business
How to build a portfolio
How to price your photography
How to get clients
And more…

Additional information

Frequency of publication Once per week
Type of pubilcation Independent
About the writer(s) My name is Jamie Swanson and I am a wedding photographer in Wisconsin .