The only tabs about running that you should bother opening, with commentary added, a couple times a week straight to your inbox.

This newsletter was started by a group of journalists working within the running industry who got tired of...

shovelling clickbait onto an overwhelming social media pile. We want to have a more direct conversation with other runners. We named it “The XC” because that’s where so many of us first discover this weird, intense, all-consuming sport and lifestyle.

What You’ll Get Each Week
Our Five Things weekly email, which is brief and informative.

One Big Thing, which focuses on a major talking point in a bit more depth

The occasional longform essay, op-ed or feature, called The Sunday Long Read

We spend far too much time reading and talking about the culture and sport, and decided to organize only the best stuff each week into a clean, nicely designed newsletter, which will focus on five key things you need to know. This is what we read, debate and share, so we decided to cut out the noise and take it directly to you, our fellow runner. This newsletter will be brisk, and shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to devour.

On the weekends, we’ll serve up the occasional special feature, mining one topic in depth. Something to distract you before that Sunday long run.

Think of The XC as a direct conversation, like the ones you have with your running partner.

Warning: we will have opinions from time to time. We may also be sarcastic. We might even swear. But we also want to hear from you. If you disagree, have something to add or just want to say hi (#runnerswave????) just reply to any of our newsletters. It’s that simple.

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