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City Hall Watcher, by Matt Elliott

I’m an award-winning journalist. I’ve covered the stuff Toronto City Council does for eight years. I was the first person to start fact-checking Mayor Rob Ford’s claim to have saved Toronto $1 billion. I track council votes so you know what…

My Sweet Dumb Brain, by Katie Hawkins-Gaar

We all have brains that are sometimes sweet and sometimes dumb. This is an attempt to explore my sweet dumb brain, and to hopefully glean lessons that will help you understand yours a little better.

The Shaunta and Shannon Show, by Shaunta Grimes and Shannon Ashley

Shaunta Grimes and Shannon Ashley have figured out how to earn full-time incomes as writers. They want to teach you how you can, too.

Import AI, by Jack Clark

The latest breakthroughs, applications and foul-ups in artificial intelligence.

Spooky Bitches, by Erin Mayer and Gabrielle Moss

Welcome to Spooky Bitches, a newsletter about the weirdest, scariest, creepiest, and/or most skull-shaped things that life has to offer, written by Erin Mayer and Gabrielle Moss. Every week, we'll reflect on topics like our favorite urban legends,

REPLY ALT, by Dan Ozzi

Electronic mail dispatches from Dan Ozzi, America's Only Music Writer™ REPLY ALT is the only email newsletter devoted to rock, punk, and music industry shit-talk guaranteed to make anyone who reads it more sexually desirable...

Sarah Bessey's Field Notes

The popular e-newsletter from writer and speaker Sarah Bessey with exclusive essays, the books worth reading, good things, links, and so much more. Starting on the...

Penny Fractions, by David Turner

Hi, hello, this is Penny Fractions! A weekly newsletter on the music streaming business with frequent peeks into the labor concerns of the industry.

Top Business

Tech Bound

A weekly email with exclusive Digital Marketing articles and interviews.

Off The Chain, by Anthony Pompliano

Every morning thousands of investment professionals at family offices, endowments, pensions, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds read the same email to better understand the crypto industry — Off The Chain by Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano. …

Andrew Chen Newsletter

My newsletter features long-form essays on startups, growth, metrics, and network effects. I’ve written 650+ essays which have been featured and quoted in The New York Times, Fortune, Wired, and WSJ. These days, I’m an investor at…

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